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Tamworth Business Crime Reduction Partnership
(incorporating Tamworth Licensees Forum)

Tamworth BCRP was launched in October 2015 with initial kick start funding from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner Staffordshire. It covers a 24 hour economy including ShopWatch and PubWatch through its Licencees Forum. The Partnership is funded by its members being managed by business for the benefit of business.

Tamworth BCRP is intelligence led and is responsible for managing various aspects of the Partnership including its exclusion schemes, radio links and crime reduction campaigns on behalf of its members.
Tamworth BCRP is an active member of PABCIS.

For details of the full service delivery please refer to “ABOUT US” as Tamworth is an integral part of the PABCIS HUB working for business in addressing local issues relevant to the local area.



    If you have received a retail or nightlife exclusion notice, you have the right to appeal within 14 days of receipt. Please complete the form below, once submitted you will be contacted in due course. Read the PABCIS Offenders Privacy Statement here

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    Privacy Statement for Offenders

    Contact Tamworth Business Crime Reduction Partnership:

    Business Crime Manager
    Tamworth Business Crime Reduction Partnership:
    Email: info@pabcis.co.uk
    Telephone: 01785 233190