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About us

About Pabcis

PABCIS is an innovative concept in the world of business crime and is at the forefront of the fight against crime and disorder affecting retail and night time economy businesses in our town and city centres throughout Staffordshire.

Local Partnerships

Local Partnerships are precisely that. They are led by business for the benefit of business with support of relevant agencies. Each local area has a local focus managing local crime affecting business in the local retail and night time economies, with local membership, and effectively helping to manage local issues.

Member Support

The Local Business Crime Reduction Partnership Manager will be on hand to offer support to businesses on all aspects of business crime. This includes managing the exclusion scheme and warning letters; acting as a liaison between you and the Police, delivering briefings and overseeing any initiatives and campaigns.

Join other radio users in the town

The Crime Partnership encompasses various business sectors within the night time and day time economy alerting each other of real-time incidents.

PABCIS Operational Chart